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Cling Film

Cling Film

Cling Film is flexible, light, cost-effective, transparent, tough and safe. It has excellent organoleptic properties. It does not affect the taste of the packaged food. This, combined with PVC’s excellent oxygen and water barrier properties, prevents unnecessary wastage as it ensures food lasts longer.PVC food packaging films have become a major contributor to food safety, protecting meat and dairy products in particular from the micro-organisms that breed quickly when food is left uncovered.

Product Details:

Product Description PVC Cling Film (Food Grade)
Micron 10 to 12 Micron
Usage For Wrapping for Fruits, Vegetables, Sweets, Dairy Product, Seafood & Meat etc.
Sizes 300MM * 30 MTR, 300MM * 70MTR, 300MM * 100MTR, 300MM * 200MTR, 300MM * 300MTR, 300MM * 500MTR, 300MM * 600MTR, 450MM * 300MTR


  • High Quality Food Grade Films
  • It preserves the moisture and aroma in foods wrapped in it and keeps cooked food, fruits and vegetables fresh and juicy
  • Essential and cost effective tool for food presentation
  • Excellent moisture retention & Fog-repellent and able to break up water drops to maintain good clarity.
  • Cling Wrap ensures lock tight freshness
  • High rate O2 and CO2 transmission and excellent moisture retention
  • Suitable for both hand and mechanic wrapping due to adequate adhesiveness and elongation.

Vast Ranges Of Cling Films :

  • PVC Cling Film For Food Grade
  • PVC Cling Film For Meat & Perishable
  • PVC Cling Film For Seafood
  • PVC Cling Film For Industrial Packaging
  • PVC Cling Film For Foods & Vegetables
  • PVC Cling Film For Industrial
  • PVC Cling Film For Cooked Food